Cyclone patent  •  Subversion of tradition

The smoke absorption rate was 99.99%

Inclined-quad vortex technology
To create a new era of smoke and smoke in the world

Germany PROMAC Partnered with fluid dynamics research facilities, we commercialised a unique rangehood with inclined-quad vortex technology to solve the ongoing culinary problem. Not only in laboratory settings, the test results in ordinary kitchen condition also indicates that IQV rangehood can extract more than 99.9% of smoke,
floating grease and odour in the air from cooking.Fry Chilli,No Odour.

PROMAC Smokeless Rang Hood

  • Designed for open kitchen

    Fitted with seven Ling, odorless smoke machine, you can remove all the partitions in the kitchen, and dining room, living room as one, so that your space becomes larger and more comfortable. Realize the dream of green and healthy kitchen.
  • Flat panel cleaning without mesh

    Air suction screen without mesh, life free disassembly, no cleaning, smoke flat design at the bottom, gently touch, ten years, such as new.
  • No cleaning No carcinogenic

    Seven spirit, tasteless machine, smoking effect is ordinary lampblack machine 17000 times. The healthy baffle plate can separate the high temperature smoke and soot from splashing, and meanwhile, the kitchen space can be varied and utilized.
  • Intelligent variable frequency motor

    Intelligent frequency conversion motor, ultra quiet, power saving, quiet enjoy smokeless tasteless kitchen. Speed 10 shift speed, touch screen control, energy saving.

A Technological Revolution In The World
Oil Smokeless Odourless No Cleaning No Carcinogenic

Inclined-quad vortex technology: The Unique ventilation system provides stronger exhaustibility
and less energyconsumption,extract 99.9% of smoke, floating grease and odour in the air.

From within to outside, give you endless care

  • Grease separation technology without net

  • High touch screen

  • Strong suction tuyere

  • Intimate screen lock

  • Double combination filter screen

Space changes, really clean

  • Variety Space -
  • build a shelf on both sides of the cigarette stand and place a flavoring bottle.
  • Really Clean -
  • there is no grease around the cigarette maker, and all the utensils and facilities in the kitchen are free of grease.