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German Headquarters

Germany CITISENZ, started in 1979, early commitment to industrial automation research. Since 1988, involved in the field of kitchen appliances so far, PROMAC has been for millions of families to provide quality home kitchen products and renowned international appliance industry. Today, after nearly 20 years of glorious history, CITISENZ still continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, leading the international kitchen electric industry, and its cutting-edge technology leader in the world, becoming the backbone of the world's home appliance industry.

In Europe, CITISENZ is a guarantee of technology! On behalf of the cutting-edge technology, excellent quality, fashion design, reliable performance, has become the whole of Europe and the world's home kitchen professional brand synonymous with!

CITISENZ with its high-tech innovative technology and high-precision technology to lead the market standards, Germany CITISENZ's kitchen appliances, smart home and other products are the crystallization of advanced concepts, from the CITISENZ performance on the consistent requirements, is the concept of perfection and practical needs perfect combination.

Germany, Zhongshan, China

China Headquarters

2015 Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province set up Zhongshan QiLing Electric Technology Co., Ltd., is a production to create quality kitchen appliances as the core of high-tech enterprises. Germany PROMAC brand to Germany a century kitchen equipment manufacturing technology as the core, to absorb the traditional European classic kitchen connotation, combined with the Chinese people's kitchen habits, to create a new generation of smoke-free tasteless healthy kitchen.

The company has a number of research and development team from Germany PROMAC company and Taiwan National University of Science and Technology, relying on superb professional and technical and international design concept, developed a number of world invention patents of high-tech products - Germany seven Ling smoke-free machine. Germany PROMAC will be intelligent, stylish, taste the product design concept to lead the exquisite, healthy, high-end family life.

Germany PROMAC smoke-free machine to create a new era of healthy kitchen!

Xidesen Group(China) was incorporated in the capital of ZheJiang province,HangZhou,in 2012.Collaborating with the fluid dynamics research facilities in Taiwan,after years of ongoing research.development and commercialization,our first ever inclined-quad vortex rangehood is now well-prepared for mass production.

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An innovative brand which is solve the problem of kitchen fumes professionally

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make every kitchen has a 

healthy environment

Professional technology, make the

 kitchen is Smokeless and Odourless.

Health, innovation, professional,

Innovation is Endless, Health is the Core

Athenian,Greek mythology in the wisdom of the goddess, guarding the human life, resistance to the invasion of the invasion, and she is also a great art of God. This is the spirit of the German PROMAC has been to follow, has been focused on creating a product to protect human health as the goal.

"Eat well at home", A word summed up the feelings of Chinese people and attachment, my mother cooking or his wife cook? Or her husband's performance is not the general cooking skills? Industry in the development of air pollution more and more serious, when the global governments and people are trying to restore the outdoor air, the home of the most serious kitchen how to clean it? When the US research institutions published data that people in the kitchen meal cooking process smoke smoke harmful substances equivalent to pumping a pack of cigarettes, for the family to eat the taste of a meal, who is suffering from kitchen fumes The And why the medical report does not smoke cigarettes in the proportion of women lung cancer high?

Life in the protection of human health to contribute to the well-known Taiwan's aerodynamic research scientist, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Professor realized that the kitchen environmental pollution is easy to overlook and great harm to the place, kitchen users long-term acceptance of fumes carcinogenic hazards Has been unable to solve, so in 2007 in Taiwan Science and Technology University officially set up a kitchen fume purification research group, on how to ensure that the kitchen air is no longer subject to cooking fume pollution research. Professors lead the industry experts and the team of Ph.D. team, repeated experiments, constantly revised data standards, analysis of fumes in the harmful substances such as the flow characteristics, simulation of the kitchen environment, the dynamic impact of the consumer, such as the actual consumer The use of the scene, all-round analysis of the various factors affecting the aerodynamic factors in the kitchen, after 7 years of technical research, based on aerodynamics, gravity theory developed the first generation of Germany seven Ling kitchen purification hood in 2014 from the laboratory Invented it.

In the same year, in order to ensure that each process, every detail follow the principles of aerodynamics data, so that cooks peace of mind to enjoy the kitchen clean air, for the family do not have to pay their own health costs. As a professor of friends, with the technical research experts of the founder of Germany, seven pioneers with the first generation of kitchen clean hood in the German city set up the company, combined with Germany's rigorous industrial R & D team, improve the quality of casting platform, from the user Experience in the experience, continue to optimize the German seven-kitchen clean hood use function and product quality, and finally in 2016 to produce the second generation of smoke-free tasteless, life-free cleaning, ultra-low noise hood, and set up in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Germany PROMAC Environmental Protection Electric Technology Co., Ltd., for the Chinese family, is committed to solving the problem of kitchen air pollution, but also her a pure kitchen cooking environment.

Innovation is endless, health is the core, the German PROMAC core technology research team set up in Taiwan and Germany, continue to kitchen for a healthy environment and scrutinize the details of each product data. Health is the eternal excellence.